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  • Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Harmonizes, soothes, motivates
  • Balances oily skin and stimulates hair

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Vitalizing deep fragrance

Ingredients /INCI/: Cedrus Deodora Needle Oil. 

Effect: Beneficial effect for balancing oily skin. Stimulating effect on the hair.             

Usage: Dilute 1:20 in base oil for use on the body or 1:40 for use on the face. 
Aromatherapy: Harmonising, calming, motivating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Safety information: For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes. Do not use in case of allergy. 

Store in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight.                                                                                                                                                                              
Produced for: Bioherba Reichenbach Gmbh
Greizer Str. 18B, 08468 Reichenbach

We recommend you to buy CEDARWOOD OIL!         

Discover Bioherba's Pure Cedar Essential Oil, a natural product extracted from the needles of Cedrus Deodora. Available in a 10-ml bottle, this essential oil is characterized by its revitalizing scent, valued in aromatherapy for its harmonizing, soothing, and motivating properties.

Bioherba recommends diluting the Cedar Oil with a carrier oil – 1:20 for the body or 1:40 for the face. This careful dilution allows you to optimally use the positive properties of Cedar Oil, whether for a relaxing massage or as part of your skin and hair care routine.

Bioherba's Cedar Oil is excellent for treating oily skin and stimulating hair, making it a versatile companion in your daily care routine. Incorporating this essential oil into your wellness practices can help establish balance and promote a sense of calm and motivation.

Bioherba is committed to offering pure and authentic natural products that enrich your life. Our Cedar Oil reflects this commitment and is a testament to the natural beauty and power found in Cedrus Deodora.

Experience natural and harmonizing care with Bioherba's Essential Cedar Oil, aimed at supporting and enhancing your overall well-being. Be inspired by the power of nature and integrate this precious oil into your daily routine to enjoy its invigorating and balancing properties.